Solar Power Installation


We install solar power systems to your home or workplace, guiding you with expert advice on the best set-up for your needs.
With continual rises in the cost of electricity, solar power is becoming increasingly popular. Atherton Electrical's Ian Langtree has both the experience and knowledge to offer sound advice on the best photovoltaic (PV) solar system to meet your needs and budget.

PV solar systems are environmentally friendly, reliable, and increasingly efficient. They offer considerable savings on electricity costs, and can even power your entire home, depending on your set-up.

Solar panels require very little maintenance once established, so the initial outlay for installation is quickly outweighed by the amount you will save on your power bill.

As well as being a cost-effective source of power, solar panels are also an eco-friendly choice for your home.

Solar panels can be installed virtually anywhere, although they are typically mounted to the side of your roof which receives the most sunshine. The cells of each panel then convert the sunlight to direct current electricity, passing it through an inverter to convert it to alternating current energy to be used in your home.

Whether you want a grid-connected system that will offset your power bills, or a stand-alone system for remote locations, Atherton Electrical can tailor a solar power system to best suit each client's individual power requirements.

Contact Ian today for more information on installing solar panels to your home or business.